Archäologie und Geschichte in Attinghausen

Between 2009 and 2013 Marion Sauter and Walter Imhof carried out pros­pection surveys in Canton Uri with students from the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture. The project aimed to compile an inventory of deserted Alpine villages. Of the more than 700 sites the Geissrüggen in Attinghausen (1911 m a.s.l.) was the one chosen for an archaeological research excavation, during which a team of volunteer experts uncovered the remains of a Hallstatt-period building.
The core contents of this volume are the records compiled during the prospection surveys and the excavation carried out under the direction of Urs Leuzinger. The project was also monitored by an interdisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of palynology, radiocarbon dating, micromorphol­ogy and anthracology. The Alpine research results are complemented by a report from the valley concerning the examination of the Attinghausen castle ruins.


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Author/s Marion Sauter (Hrsg.), mit Beiträgen von Ulrike Gollnick, Jean Nicolas Haas, Walter Imhof, Urs Leuzinger, Christine Pümpin, Jochen Reinhard, Marion Sauter und Peter Spillmann
Editor: Marion Sauter
Format: 206 Seiten/21,0 x 29,7 cm/Hardback
Published in Hochwald (Schweiz)
Year: 2016
Language/s Deutsch
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DOI: 10.19218/3952454213